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By Dec 31, 1969

Why Healthcare Transparency is the New Name of the Game

By The Medical Memory May 24, 2017 patient engagement, Blog, healthcare transparency

The Trump Administration’s campaign promise to advance healthcare transparency couldn’t be more timely. Pressure is mounting on healthcare providers to give price and quality information to consumers, and to improve transparency around payments from pharmaceutical and medical device companies....

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5 Reasons Your Medical Practice Should be Measuring Patient Satisfaction

By The Medical Memory May 04, 2017 patient engagement, Blog

Over the past several decades, healthcare has evolved from a service focused model to a patient-centric, outcome-focused model where patient satisfaction and healthcare outcomes are critical metrics for institutions and private practices alike. Under the Affordable Care Act (ACA), CMS now ties...

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3 Surprising Ways to Use Technology in Healthcare Sales Training Programs

By The Medical Memory Apr 28, 2017 The Medical Memory, Blog, Sales Training, Performance

Wondering why your healthcare sales consultants aren’t closing more deals? Have that nagging doubt that your sales training program isn’t really helping? 

Long gone are the days of 100-page sales training program manuals that sales trainers purchase and send by snail mail to teams across the...

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Overcoming Communication Barriers in Healthcare

By The Medical Memory Apr 18, 2017 The Medical Memory, communication tips

Communicating medical information to our patients is extremely important but at times can be quite difficult.  Communication barriers in healthcare can hinder patient health outcomes and satisfaction, leading to negative reviews and ultimately fewer referrals.

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3 Tips for Improving Communication in Healthcare

By The Medical Memory Mar 28, 2017 The Medical Memory, communication tips

Ready for better patient outcomes, better team cooperation, fewer errors, improved job satisfaction and a more effective use of your time?  Or does that sound like something in a fantasy world? 

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3 Practice Solutions You Never Knew You Needed

By The Medical Memory Mar 14, 2017 The Medical Memory, practice solutions

Is your practice running smoothly and efficiently? Could your workflow use a little tweaking? No practice is 100% efficient. There is always room for improvement. 

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