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By Dec 31, 1969

Overcoming Communication Barriers in Healthcare

By The Medical Memory Apr 18, 2017 The Medical Memory, communication tips

Communicating medical information to our patients is extremely important but at times can be quite difficult.  Communication barriers in healthcare can hinder patient health outcomes and satisfaction, leading to negative reviews and ultimately fewer referrals.

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3 Tips for Improving Communication in Healthcare

By The Medical Memory Mar 28, 2017 The Medical Memory, communication tips

Ready for better patient outcomes, better team cooperation, fewer errors, improved job satisfaction and a more effective use of your time?  Or does that sound like something in a fantasy world? 

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3 Practice Solutions You Never Knew You Needed

By The Medical Memory Mar 14, 2017 The Medical Memory, practice solutions

Is your practice running smoothly and efficiently? Could your workflow use a little tweaking? No practice is 100% efficient. There is always room for improvement. 

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How Patient Engagement Solutions Affect Your Bottom Line

By The Medical Memory Mar 14, 2017 patient engagement

What’s the secret to patient engagement? The answer is simple: be more engaging yourself! 

Go beyond just checking another box off your list; leverage patient engagement solutions to improve patient outcomes and increase revenues. 

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3 Highly Effective Discharge Planner Tools

By The Medical Memory Feb 27, 2017 The Medical Memory, patient adherence

Effective discharge planning is one of the critical factors related to the quality of inpatient care and unnecessary hospital readmission.

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Simple Strategies to Enhance Patient Adherence

By The Medical Memory Feb 02, 2017 patient adherence

Patient adherence is an ongoing challenge for most healthcare practices and providers. We want to work with our patients to reach their health goals. Whether it be to stop smoking, begin to exercise, or manage medication prescribed to them. Yet, there is no one-size-fits-all suggestion that will...

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