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By Dec 31, 1969

Warning! The Phone has Ears

By The Medical Memory Jan 31, 2018 Press

AHC Media investigates how the medical landscape is changing as more and more patients are using smartphones to record their encounters with providers. The Medical Memory is mentioned as a risk-aversion video recording tool that is provider centric.

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Is Your Patient Experience Helping or Hurting Your Medical Practice?

By Medical Memory Aug 14, 2017 patient experience

In case you didn’t realize it, there’s been a massive shift in just about every industry. It doesn’t matter what industry you’re in, or whether you sell a product or service…  your organization is a service company…  whether you believe that or not.

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3 Surprising Ways to Reduce Risk With Medical Informed Consents

By The Medical Memory Jun 11, 2017 informed consent, medical memory, medical informed consent, reduce malpractice risk

Healthcare experts are increasingly acknowledging the importance of using the medical informed consent as a valuable tool for advancing patient safety, improving patient communication and reducing risk. Offering patients more information about their healthcare journey not only creates a stronger...

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3 Myths About Consultative Sales Training and How to Break Through Them All

By Medical Memory May 31, 2017 Blog

Today, the consultative sales process is among the most highly touted for its effectiveness and ability to establish rapport between a company and its prospects. The effectiveness of this training method lies in the relationship and trust you develop with your prospects, making them much more...

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Why Healthcare Transparency is the New Name of the Game

By The Medical Memory May 24, 2017 patient engagement, Blog, healthcare transparency

The Trump Administration’s campaign promise to advance healthcare transparency couldn’t be more timely. Pressure is mounting on healthcare providers to give price and quality information to consumers, and to improve transparency around payments from pharmaceutical and medical device companies....

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5 Reasons Your Medical Practice Should be Measuring Patient Satisfaction

By The Medical Memory May 04, 2017 patient engagement, Blog

Over the past several decades, healthcare has evolved from a service focused model to a patient-centric, outcome-focused model where patient satisfaction and healthcare outcomes are critical metrics for institutions and private practices alike. Under the Affordable Care Act (ACA), CMS now ties...

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